Kimberly V.

Heather really takes the time to get to find the underlying cause of the pain and discomfort you are having. She explained to me while all systems are interconnected and dependent on one another the Nervous system coordinates all activities in your body. Which means, for example when you feel pain your nerves send a message to your brain which tells your muscles to contract.  This can cause muscle tension and wear and tear over time. So rather on focusing on just the muscle she goes to the WHY? Why is that muscle tight? Where is there a disruption in the nervous system? By solving and customizing a treatment plan to correct the root of the problem she was able to relieve my pain.

After each visit I left feeling more educated about my body and more importantly in less pain. I highly recommend Heather for anyone looking for a custom hands on approach that delves a little deeper than the more traditional superficial approach.

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