Kristi C.

Heather Demirci is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and effective physical therapists I have worked with over the course of my athletic career (and I have seen a lot). I am injury prone and was very frustrated by all of the seemingly random health problems that consistently put me out of running. Heather wanted to hear about my entire health history and was able to find underlying problems that connected these together and made me feel as if I weren’t actually crazy and imagining things, or else had a very low pain tolerance. Within minutes of working with Heather, I had regained significant amounts of strength and mobility, was relieved of gastrointestinal pain and issues, and was able to perform exercises and activities with much more fluidity and ease. Furthermore, she was very friendly and fun to work with, and it is clear she knows what she is talking about and is dedicated to being up to date with the newest methodologies in the practice. I would highly recommend her, especially if you feel as though you have “tried everything” or have grown cynical about traditional rehab. I will definitely be returning for more treatment.

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