Maureen L.

Heather is amazing at what she does and the physical therapy she practices is next-level. As a practicing physical therapist myself with board specialized training – I am astounded by the work Heather can do and how she is able to integrate so many related and seemingly unrelated body systems into her treatment to fully create a holistic approach. From your simple aches and pains, to more complicated and chronic issues — she can help address it all with her vast knowledge and manual skills. She is so professional but light-hearted and fun to talk to as well, so the time always seemed to pass so quickly. An esteemed therapist recommended Heather to me and she was great about finding appointments for me as I was traveling from another city to see her. She was so great in answering all my questions and I was able to feel immediate and positive changes in my body with each appointment we had. I wholeheartedly recommend Heather, and wish I lived closer. She is a great representative of our profession and a true gem!

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