The Empowering Message of Listening to Your Body

My blog posts are usually about different techniques we as Physical Therapists do to help you but the one aspect not often touched upon is the power you have in the healing process. One of the things I love to hear my patients say is they feel more connected to their body and understand the different sensations they are experiencing. It’s empowering to know this particular pain you’re feeling is a muscular pain versus a nerve pain versus a visceral pain. Pain no longer becomes an unknown and something overtaking your life. You have the knowledge empowering you to figure out what the problem is and together we can figure out how to get you out of pain.

There is no greater joy for me as a Physical Therapist to hear my patient come in and say they were out living life and felt a little something but they knew what it was. No longer does this send them into a panic and they were able to use the tools I taught them to get out of pain and back to living life. My job is to help you feel you have control over the situation and give you ways to cope with the problem. My patients who take the time to stop and listen to their bodies are the most successful at achieving this. It is important to take the time to quiet your mind and just feel what’s going on in your body.

When you are attuned to your body, the treatment sessions become much more interactive and effective. It’s great to hear the feedback from patients when they move a certain way it hurts but if they adjust a part then it feels better. It shows me that they are taking the time to feel what their body is doing and, more importantly, empowering themselves to figure out how to get them moving better. When a patient is listening to their body they are able to help guide the treatment. As a therapist, it’s always reassuring to know what I’m feeling with my hands and what my patient is feeling is one in the same. It’s positive confirmation we are on the right path back to full function.

Your body is always sending information to your brain and it’s your job to listen to it! This doesn’t mean that you should let the pain or discomfort consume you. Working with a talented therapist, you should start to feel like you have more control over the pain. Don’t think of Physical Therapy as a passive exercise you need to go through. The treatment goes best when you feel heard by your therapist and are learning how to take control of your pain.

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